Attention Android Users:

For compatibility issues with some older versions of the Android operating system, the BullyTag™ application has been temporarily removed from the Google Play Store. If you are having difficulties, try updating your phone's operating systems to the latest available version.

The BullyTagTM Story

BullyTag™ technology empowers victims and bystanders to anonymously report real-time bullying incidents through the use of a smart phone they already possess. BullyTag™ provides a smart, simple user interface that automatically categorizes incident reports and notifies authorities in a position to take action through the BullyTag™ Dashboard.

Bullying is one of the most common problems affecting children and teenagers today. Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally.

71 percent of students report bullying as an ongoing problem. When someone is bullied, it is not only the bully and victim who are becoming less sensitive to violence. In most cases, the friends and classmates of the bully and the victim accept the violence as normal.

In most bullying incidents, bystanders usually do nothing. If the bully faces no obstruction from the people around, it gives permission to continue behaving badly. Incidents of bullying go largely unreported because those who can make a difference feel they risk becoming the next victim.

Who We Are

Wayd McNally, Founder BullyTagTM Inc.

Mr. McNally is a lifetime entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and development of disruptive technologies. Mr. McNally's recent innovation - BullyTag™ aims to stop bullying. Recent media attention fueled by the rising number of bullicides over the past several years, led Mr. McNally to investigate new technologies useful for bullying prevention. In 2011, the concept for BullyTag™ went into development. As a result, a unique set of bully prevention tools were created and released in October 2012. Mr. McNally's direct experiences with bullying, experiences of friends and family, as well as building a young family of his own, fostered the innovation behind BullyTag™.

Timeless Technologies

The BullyTag™ application was designed and developed by Timeless Technologies. Timeless Technologies is a software engineering firm in Charlottetown, PEI that employs over 30 people. Company President, John Rowe, has multiple family members involved in the educational environment; with his mother being a teacher and his father being a teacher and guidance counselor. Timeless Technologies had worked with many educators in the development of BullyTag™ to ensure that the needs of students and authorities are respected and fulfilled. Timeless Technologies had developed many IT solutions in which sensitive data needed to be captured and handled while maintaining the highest levels of security to defend from the information being compromised.

What is BullyTagTM

Mission Statement: To empower bystanders and victims of bullying with modern technology which safely and anonymously reports bullying information to administrators and school officials. We provide bystanders and victims with a free mobile application to capture bullying incidents and report to authorities. Authorities can gain access to the BullyTag web-based dashboard to view key information regarding specific incidents of bullying.

Information submitted to administrators is anonymous, secure, and tamper proof. Images, audio clips, videos, and text messages are removed from the app automatically to ensure safety of students and reliability of content.

If you are a school administrator and are interested in viewing a demonstration of our intelligent dashboard for viewing bullying incidents captured by BullyTag™, then please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BullyTag™ secure and confidential?
BullyTag™ uses advanced security and encryption algorithms to maintain a safe and secure database. Users are anonymous and data is only accessible by those with secure login. You privacy is of the utmost importance to us.
What does it cost to use BullyTag™?
BullyTag™ is completely free to use. Users can download the application for free and begin using the reporting tool right away. BullyTag™ charges persons of authority for the reports that they view.
Is BullyTag™ only available for iPhone and Android?
At present BullyTag™ can be used on iPhone and Android, however we do have plans to make the application available for Windows phone and Blackberry in the near future.
Why should I download and use BullyTag™?
Bullying is a problem that affects many students. BullyTag™ was designed to empower individuals who may witness, are in close proximity to a bully incident; allowing those individuals to take a picture, send audio, send information on the incident or schedule appointments with persons they trust - all of which generates data, improves decision making and impacts bullying behaviour organically.